Forget cider. UTOPIA is clean, live, unfuckedwith. Undisquised by standard layers of force carbonation and sweetening, UTOPIA presents an authentic glou-glou experience resembling natural wines rather than conventional ciders.


UTOPIA was conceived by an appetite for radically clean, live foods and beverages for our family and frequent friend’s visits at fort Sudkův Důl in Josafat Valley near Tábor, Czech Republic.

In the age of industrial denaturation of foods and drinks, UTOPIA emerges close to utopicaly. 12 months in neutral oak casks - no filtration, no fining, no pasteurisation, no added sulphites, no added enzymes, no added acids, no added tannins, no force carbonation, no sweetening - UTOPIA ferments and malolacticaly refines by wild cultures. UTOPIA’s unfuckedwithedness is rare.

Reception of vintage 2016

★ In wine pairing of Michelin-starred La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise in Jun/Jul and Sept/Oct 2018.

"Definitely a piece that you should try. This is a cider that tastes almost as good as white (wine) on cask."
Jan Čeřovský, wine writer

"Bonedry, sophisticated and delicious."
Jan Čulík, sommelier, natural wine bar Thir

“Utterly complex, yet completely straightforward and simple in the best way possible. If anyone has ever said they don’t like cider, try this and then get back to me. A touching embodiment of family and nature at work.”
Valentína Kasperová, wine writer

"This is the religion of natural winemakers and some people would probably struggle to tell this apart from a white (wine) on skins“
Ondra Kopička, winemaker

"So many archaic tastes and aromas, in such a fickle drink. Nice work.“
Jakub Novák, natural winemaker

UTOPIA makes itself.

UTOPIA emerges with minimal intervention but painstaking care. In natural succession a multitude of wild cultures spontaneously, slowly ferment UTOPIA to complete dryness from autumn till spring. Then in early summer, wild cultures of lactic acid bacteria work their magic of spontaneous malolactic* fermentation, which rounds UTOPIA in taste and enriches it aromatically.

*Malolactic fermentation transforms harsh malic acid into a much more pleasant lactic acid. Cultures of wild lactic acid bacteria spontaneously perform malolactic fermentation in ciders with no sulphites added during the early summer warm up. After long months of winter hibernation, casks come back to life with delicate sparkling. It was believed that the blossoming of apple trees is what metaphysically awakens this second life in casks.

Order a tasting box of 6 different cuvées from 2016 vintage


Utopia can be tasted and bought amidst the casks in Sudkův Důl, but only after prior arrangement via +420 604 178 272. (Where to stay nearby? Penzion THIR)

UTOPIA is live! Care for it and enjoy as follows: Store in dark, cold place (below 8°C) • enjoy from wine glass above 16°C (you will not enjoy most of its tastes and aromas below 16°C) • pour with sediment, or without (just give it a rest) • smell the poured glass, swirl it and smell one more time. After you finish the glass, let it dry a bit and smell again.

For the curious drinker

We work with Czech heritage apple varieties from unsprayed orchards as old as 80 years. We experiment with new varieties and have planted an orchard combining Czech heritage varieties, promising local seedlings and English cider varieties. The 2017 harvest gifted us with more than 55 apple varieties.

Each cask, filled, at time of pressing, with different blend of varieties, or with single varietal juice provides a unique character. Some batches are blended from several casks, some are bottled straight from cask. Our casks do fine with no added sulphites, because we fill them with new season’s juice as early as one day after bottling the cask’s previous vintage. We do not use pumps to move cider. We age part of each vintage sur lie. After bottling, UTOPIA further matures in bottles right next to its cradles (225 l neutral French oak casks) at fort Sudkův Důl in Josafat Valley near Tábor, Czech Republic.

UTOPIA was conceived by an appetite for clean, live foods and beverages for our family and frequent guests. That same appetite determines how utopicaly we raise our poultry, our fish, how we grow produce, forage wild foods and ferment all the bounty of Josafat Valley.