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Tasted and said about Utopia

“Total brainfuck. The most intense acidity you can think of, together with the most intense sweetness. Most amazing satisfaction.”

Ania Smelskaya, Head Sommelier, SILO London

about Utopia Patience 2017

“Completely in love with the ciders.”

Solfinn Danielsen, Rødder & Vin Boutique & Bar, Copenhagen

about UTOPIA Barbora 2017, Libuše 2017, Anežka 2017

“Frankly, 2017 vintage is FU**ING super!”

Zdeněk Oudes, Head Sommelier, Michelin-starred La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

about UTOPII Kristina Patience 2017

“Layered, wild fermented juice whose taste could remind one of an elegant white Burgundy - with an extra touch of fruity fun.”

Jenny & François Selections New York, importer of natural wines

about UTOPIA Blažena 2017

“Certainly a shop favorite. Hits a stride between generous and rich apple flavors within dry natural cider making. It's simple, it's elegant, it's the whole package equally applicable for a fancy dinner party or outdoor mid-day picnic.”

Kingston Wine Co., Kingston, NY

about UTOPIA Blažena 2017

“Out of this world and such deliciousness!”

Basket Press Wines, London, importer of natural wines

about UTOPIA Antonie Patience 2017

“Super-interesting juice. Highly vinous. The packaging is (perhaps) a heck of a lot less exciting than the product inside the bottle!”

David Crossley, Wide World of Wine, UK

about UTOPIA Johana 2017

“For cider times, make it Blažena time :-) Utopia cider rocks!”

Jan Čeřovský, wine writer

about UTOPIA Blažena 2017

“My new favourite juice. No bubbles, decent vinosity, perfect stability and very glouglou.”

Martin Levý, head sommelier, restaurant Aromi

about vintage 2017

"Nose? wow.. taste? uff.. acidity? damn good! #goodasfuck.”

Barbora Štolúnová, sommelier, OSADA Holešovice

about UTOPIA Kunhuta 2017

“The most elegant and balanced cider I have ever tried.”

Jan Čulík, sommelier, natural wine bar Thir

about UTOPIA Blažena 2017

"So many archaic tastes and aromas, in such a fickle drink. Nice work.“

Jakub Novák, natural-wine-maker

about UTOPIA VIII 2016

“Utterly complex, yet completely straightforward and simple in the best way possible. Downright delicious. A touching embodiment of family and nature at work.”

Valentína Kasperová, wine writer

about UTOPIA VII 2016

"This is the religion of natural winemakers and some people would probably struggle to tell this apart from a white (wine) on skins.“

Ondra Kopička, natural-wine-maker

about UTOPIA VII 2016