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Undisquised by usual layers of force carbonation and sweetening, UTOPIA presents an honest still & dry glou-glou experience resembling natural wines rather than conventional ciders.

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In the age of industrial denaturation of foods and drinks, these ciders emerge close to utopicaly

no spraying in orchards・spontaneously fermented by wild cultures・aged 12 months sur-lie・12 months in 225l neutral oak casks・no filtration・no fining・no pasteurisation・no force carbonation・no added acids・no added tannins・no added enzymes・no added sulphites・no added aromas・no preservatives・no sterilants・no colorants

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Each cask bears its name, each name bears 300 bottles featuring a unique character

Fort Sudkuv Dul (home of Utopia) was, in past centuries, home to Mandalena, Dorota, Petronila and dozens of other girls and women. Each oak cask bears the name of one of them. Filled with single varietal juice or with an orchard blend, each cask gives birth to cider with a unique character after 12 months. We bottle each cask individually into a small batch of 300 bottles bearing the casks name and vintage.

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Utopia can be tasted and bought amidst the casks in Sudkův Důl, but only after prior arrangement via +420 604 178 272

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